Welcome to DFW Wound Care

At DFW Wound Care, Dr. Shannon Payseur provides comprehensive care services for individuals with chronic or hard to heal wounds.

Dr. Payseur strives to improve the health and wellness of all patients to promote rapid and effective healing.  Knowledgeable about the latest and most effective products and treatments, Dr. Payseur provides patients with best resources, education, and individualized care that is available today.

Our Motto

We treat acute and chronic wounds with excellent care for every patient, every time.

— Shannon Payseur, M.D.

How Are We Different?

  • Community Focused

    We provide wound care services where our patients are located, such as hospitals and nursing homes, or at our clinic.

  • Comprehensive

    We treat all types of wounds and utilize the latest technologies and treatments. We take patients of all ages.

  • Holistic

    The lifestyle choices of our patients matter, so we have a holistic approach to wound care. “We heal the whole person, not just the hole!”

Why Choose DFW Wound Care?